A Welcome from the President                                                                                                           August, 2014

Greetings and welcome to the website of The American Leather Chemists Association! 

Please take some time to browse the many pages and program descriptions that our team has assembled for you.  As the Associationís 70th President, I am hopeful that you will find answers to all your questions, options for your consideration and an enriching educational experience.

The ALCA is the seventh oldest chemistry association in the United States, having just held our 110th Annual Meeting in Saratoga Springs, NY this past June.  We publish the fourth oldest chemistry journal, JALCA, Journal of the American Leather Chemists Association.  We have more than 300 members, domestic and international, representing all facets of the modern, global leather industry: chemical suppliers, hide processors, tanners, leather manufacturers, researchers and consultants.  Ours is one of the most diverse and multidisciplinary chemistry associations in existence. 

Currently we are in the process of restructuring our technical committees.  Our first new committee is the Sustainability Committee chaired by Beat Schelling.  Initial plans are to have three sub-committees under the Sustainability Committee, namely the RSL, Salt/Water/Waste, and Carbon Footprint.  Steve Lange has agreed to chair the RSL subcommittee.  This subcommittee will have an initial target of one year to create a viable RSL list that the industry as a whole can support.       

There is a six-member Council, two officers (President and Vice President) and an Executive Secretary.  All of us are committed to the effective management of the ALCA and the passionate support and promotion of the leather chemistry discipline.


In 2015, our annual convention will be back again at the Pinehurst Resort in Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina.  We are expecting a good turnout so please consider making this the year to present your paper.  Submissions can be made to the Technical Committee Chair David Peters by email at d.peters@tchide.com.  An exciting social program is also being planned. 


Finally, let me encourage you to contact us at alca@leatherchemists.org or 806-744-1798.  We encourage your participation online and in person at our Annual Meeting.   The enthusiasm generated over the past few years has rejuvenated membership and created excitement for the future.   I hope to see you all at Pinehurst next June!


Thank you for visiting. 



Sarah Drayna

President, 2014-2015