ALCA Committees
Education Committee

To enhance the vitality and assure continued viability of the leather manufacturing industry by providing opportunities for education in leather technology.

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Committee on Methods and Specifications

    (1) To make available to the Association, official and currently relevant methods for the testing of leather, materials and process liquors used in leather production, and products containing leather,
    (2) To Make available to the Association official specifications for leather and leather products that are technically relevant, valid, and attainable by current industry practices, and
    (3) To coordinate the development and maintenance of the official test methods and official specifications of the Association with the ASTM D31 Committee on Leather.

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Environmental Affairs Committee

To provide association members current information on environmental regulations, waste management practices, and treatment technology.

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Research Liaison Committee

To maintain an awareness of ongoing hides and leather research, to foster research collaboration, and to assist the USDA and other public research institutions in establishing research priorities.

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